Alé ride started more than thirty years ago. The experience of APG Cycling, who has known the road a long time, joined the courage and audacity of young riders who want to break from the group. Those in the breakaway never look back. Success never happens by chance. Instinct must be supported by strategy and tech. Our labs are constantly in search of new and innovative materials and solutions, as well as the insights of stylists and professionals.

Research needs testers. Ours are definitely special: they are the professional riders and teams we have worked with for years, giving us unparalleled guidance for our product development. They make us reach our important goals.

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The BTC Company is one of the leading commercial property development companies in the region. Under the brand name BTC City, it manages one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational, and cultural centers in Europe, located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Additionally, it also manages two shopping centers in Novo mesto and Murska Sobota, and provides first-class property management services for the largest Slovenian clients in the commercial real estate service sector. The BTC Company also runs a logistics service business unit, which holds the leading market position in FMCG logistics in Slovenia. Recently, the BTC Company established many new international business partnerships within its BTC Living Lab platform, which enables Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 promising solutions to be tested and further developed in a real testing environment.

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Dmt history is born out of the passion for the art of footwear. It was developed following the Venetian culture, which has been leader for centuries at worldwide level, in the production of high quality shoes. The great power of Dmt is the production department that is made up of skilful and motivated men and women, a work organization that dates back its roots during the early ‘80s of the last century. A selected team, consisting of the best footwear engineers and artisans, a small world made of fond and painstaking people. With a single purpose: give the best every day in order to produce an unmatchable shoe.

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A cipollini bike offers the professional athlete and enthusiast alike the ability to feel at one with the bike, with the road… and with the pleasure of giving your best (and transferring all your muscle power to the ground). An objective achieved through two types of processes, both extremely difficult: a full carbon monocoque (to create rigidity and prevent dispersion), and a true custom-made carbon frame (therefore not based on pre- determined sizes, which are always approximate). Superb quality materials and manufacturing expertise are at the heart of everything we do. Consistent quality and expertise throughout our frames, to create a range of products able to meet the needs of a whole host of passionate cyclists.
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CSF Inox

CSF Inox S.p.A., established in 1970 in Montecchio Emilia, a small town in northern Italy, is today a leading company in both Italy and Europe in the production of pumps primarily designed for the food & beverage, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The company, synonymous with quality and high specialisation offers the international market an extremely full range of products to meet the needs of numerous applications in these sectors. In fact, CSF Inox offers a series of centrifugal, self-priming, progressive cavity, twin screw, sinusoidal rotor and pneumatic pumps.

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Vagotex was founded in 1980 at Vago di Lavagno, where ten operators of the shoe manufacturing sector, guided by Ferdinando Fiorio, decided to put their knowledge to good use and create a company.The skills each of they possessed made the company grow towards success.The invention of Windtex, the first breathing and waterproof membrane that is also elastic, in the 90’s, was a milestone in the sector, changing the way outdoor athletes dressed, making their garments more comfortable and with better performance.Today Vagotex is surely one of the companies with the most complete range of products in the coupling sector. Our wish to renew ourselves and of keeping in step with the market has always been at the foundation of our company’s philosophy. Our efforts have always been directed towards service and innovation, with particular concern for the quality and functionality of our products. With a dynamic, positive attitude, we work to align ourselves with the needs of whoever is searching for high-performing technical fabrics. Aware of the importance of sports as well as of the demands of the world of fashion, shoes and every innovative textile sector, our goal is to create and refine the technical quality of our materials in order to adapt them to all kinds of requests.

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rudy project

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and drawing from over years of experience, the Rudy Project collection elevate the performance of athletes at every level. Since 1985 all Rudy Project products masterfully blend cutting-edge technology and aesthetically sculpted design, along with Italian styling and attention to detail, to make some of the world’s best eyewear, hi-tech prescription solutions, helmets and sports gear. Legends of cycling, motorsports, triathlon, and many other disciplines represent Rudy Project as they wear the brand’s helmets and sunglasses in training and competition across the globe. By using athlete feedback, Rudy Project has developed unique products with the latest designs, aerodynamics, and technology. For this reason, Rudy Project supports and offers gear solutions to thousands of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts all around the world. The end result is a collection of products that elevate athlete’s safety, comfort and, above all, performance in any field of play. Rudy Project is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and distributor of performance sunglasses, helmets, goggles, and prescription solutions of the highest technical level. Founded in Treviso, Italy in 1985, Rudy Project has been a global leader in the field of sports eyewear for over 30 years. By selling products in more than 60 countries worldwide, the company has re-affirmed its international vocation with its second generation of entrepreneurs, Cristiano and Simone Barbazza.
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