11 November 2020

Lifecode food supplements in support of Alé BTC Ljubljana Cipollini for the 2021 season


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​The Alé BTC Ljubljana Cipollini team wants to continue growing and offering the highest quality and performance to its athletes, including support from top-level technical partners. This includes the important sponsorship agreement signed for the 2021 season between U.C.I. Women’s WorldTeam Alé BTC Ljubljana Cipollini and the well-known LIFECODE company, “guaranteed food supplementation for sport”.

Lifecode offers a complete range of supplements able to meet the specific needs of a heterogeneous and diversified target. Its fantastic products (capsules, powders, poket gels, tablets, phials and bars) are highly performing and made according to the types of users they are aimed at: from professional sports use to everyday life.

The constituents of Lifecode products, five categories and five functionalities, are aimed at the needs of each target: amino acids, proteins, energy supplements, vitamins and balancing agents. The great quality of Lifecode products, totally Made in Italy, is guaranteed by a monthly production that allows to offer a product that is always “fresh”. Lifecode has distinguished itself on the national market also thanks to the VM03 line, Doping Free certified products.

LifeCode will be at the side of the team to promote an appropriate integration before, during and after the competition with a wide range of products.

The team manager of Alé BTC Ljubljana Cipollini Fortunato Lacquaniti said: “Our company wants to grow and offer to the athletes the maximum comfort and performance even with the choice of high quality partners. Lifecode is one of them. I’ve known Valerio Marcelli from Lifecode’s commercial management for many years and I’m happy to work with him again next season. I’m sure that also thanks to their support in terms of supplementation and nutrition we will achieve important results together”.

  • 14 November 2020

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