27 November 2020

Alé BTC Ljubljana continues its partnership with Prologo saddles


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​Another important technical and sporting partnership has been strengthened for the 2021 season: next year the Alé BTC Ljubljana Cipollini women’s team will once again be joined by Prologo, the Italian saddle manufacturer that has become a benchmark in the world of racing and top-of-the-range bicycles, based on innovation and product quality.

Salvatore Truglio, Prologo General Manager says: “We are very happy to continue our collaboration with the Alé BTC Ljubljana team in 2021. Being chosen as Official Technical Partner of the only Italian women’s World Tour team is synonymous with great professionalism and quality, certifying the excellence of our products worldwide. We are in close contact with the girls and the sports Directors of the team, testing new innovative products to ensure more and more performing, comfortable and perfect saddles for female or unisex use. For example, thanks to the collaboration with former world champion Marta Bastianelli, we have developed the DIMENSION range and now the SCRATCH M5 PAS! Relationships of great value that make us able to consolidate our leadership as saddle manufacturers in the world. Good luck to the team. To the athletes, managers and all the staff for next season”.


Scratch M5 / Scratch M5 PAS is the new line of saddles that uses 4.0 technologies; innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics, they are suitable for many uses and disciplines Thanks to the new design, size and ergonomic “T shape”, Scratch m5 is suitable for Man / Woman. The size is 250 x 140mm and the weights vary depending by the model: the Nack version is only 155gr, while the Tirox version is 189gr. A short saddle, equipped with the Multi Sector System technology and the “T-shape” to offer a more standard and relaxed position on the bike, avoiding pressure peaks and sitting issues. SCRATCH M5 is available both with the Pas and Active bas technology: an open base able to eliminate pressure peaks in the genital pelvic area. The closure of the prostate zone also offers better protection against extreme climatic conditions (rain or mud).

The name Dimension contains the importance of the project itself: to create an innovative product in terms of size, design and ergonomic shape. Suitable for all disciplines and perfect for men and women. Dimension is comfort, performance and lightness. The combination of short nose (35mm less than a traditional saddle) and PAS system ensures blood flow and pressure relief, ensuring comfort even in aerodinamic position or maximum pushing phase. The wider seating area (width 143mm) allows a better distribution of body weight. The Dimension saddle has been tested and developed in collaboration with the best international professional teams to ensure a saddle suitable for all users.

Dimension NDR is a unisex multi-discipline saddle able to ensure more comfort for longer riding thanks to 3mm extra padding all over the surface The round shape supports the natural pelvic rotation and improves the pedaling efficiency. The snub-nose (35mm shorter than traditional saddles) spreads pressure more evenly, especially in aerodynamic & aggressive positions. Thanks to the wider PAS channel, it reduces the compression of soft tissues eliminating numbness and ensuring the blood flow. Side protectors are also fitted to reduce scratches, rips and tears.

Scratch M5 Space. The name SPACE identifies all those saddles characterized by a wider sitting area and increased padding, ensuring and improving comfort. It is the perfect choice for women, who have a wider hip bone, and for riders who need a better weight distribution. Scratch M5 Space measures 250mm in length and 147mm in width, with a +5mm padding foam compared to the standard version Thanks to the new “T SHAPE” design, size and ergonomics the SCRATCH M5 CPC is a unisex saddle (man and women) suitable for a multicategory use. The new MSS Multi Sector System, designed in co-operation with the Polytechnic of Milan, the biggest technical university in Italy, helps to improve comfort and performance; the active foam pads, separated from each other, create independently zones that work in a smart and individual way, favoring the natural movement of the pedaling phases, both of pushing and pulling, absorbing the vibrations that the base transfers to the saddle. The Round Shape of the M5 allows the pelvis a natural rotation, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas, and the distribution of the pressures on a greater surface.

The PAS (Perineal Area System) is a channel designed to eliminate pressure peaks and numbness, improving blood flow. Its ergonomic design, assisted by variable density foams, eliminates contact points in the prostatic-genital area. The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comfort over long and medium distances.


One Touch neutro One of the most beloved tapes, now also with a minimal and clean design. Onetouch Neutro, made in Polygrip, guarantees comfort, resistance and a strong and safe grip in all weather conditions, especially rain.


Alessia Piccolo, president of the Alé BTC Ljubljana team, commented: “We would like to thank Prologo for the support they have given us over the past season and we are very happy to continue this relationship next year. It is another very important Italian company that believes in and supports our project and with their contribution we will continue to improve”.

Alé BTC Ljubljana’s team manager Fortunato Lacquaniti concluded by saying: “We have been working with Prologo for a year now and we are very satisfied with the relationship that has been created. We are proud to have a high-profile Italian partner at our side. The saddle is a very important product for our athletes and Prologo is a company that focuses on performance and quality”.

Company website: www.prologo.it

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