11 April 2019



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The Women’s cycling team, through its President Alessia Piccolo, together with the brands of the Zecchetto Group (Alé, DMT, Cipollini), main sponsor of the team, will present a formal request to the UCI for the Women’s World Tour License 2020. In case of confirmation, it would become the one and only Italian Cycling Team in the highest category, men and women.

Bonferraro di Sorgà (Vr), 11th April 2019 - The Women Professional Cycling Team Alé Cipollini, with its main sponsors Alé Cycling, Cipollini and DMT, announces to enter in the Women’s World Tourin 2020.

The team will celebrate the ten years of activity next year and it is considered to be one of the best 5 teams in women’s cycling. A multi-year project, born to support the women cyclists and which has become stronger during the years. This happened for the quality of the team management, leaded by the Sports Director Fortunato Lacquaniti and as well by the athletes results. Recently, important sponsors have been added: Windtex, Deine, Bardiani CSF (just to mention some), which demonstrate to believe in the idea behind the project and the movement.

Today the Team President Alessia Piccolo, announces officially to request the enter in the UCI Women’s World Tour 2020.

Alessia is the top supporter of the team, and she explains through her words, as well what the Zecchetto Group wants. This is her comment: “I’ve started this project 9 years ago, investing and believing in Women’s Cycling since when it had not yet the actual coverage. The brands which were supporting us were very few. I have seen the team increasing year by year and I’ve dedicated to the ladies my time and work, not just as sponsor but even with the management, logistic and communication. Now, before celebrating the tenth year, I am proud to announce that the project continues and we will request to the UCI a license to enter in the Women’s World Tour 2020. If the answer is positive, we will be the first Italian Team in the reform made by the UCI. We will represent Italy in Cycling in the highest category, as there isn’t any team in the Men World Tour from our Country.”

A will, to enter in the top circuit, which is a clear signal for the movement, for this fiels and especially for the industry: The Italian brands can and must believe in this project and in Women’s Cycling, as the companies of the Zecchetto Group do.

Piccolo continues: “I would like that the new partners receive this message, and I launch an invitation: believe and support this project. The sportive and communicative force of these girls and this team is giving and will give great results!”

The Team has two European Junior Champions (Anna Trevisi and Nadia Quagliotto), a Junior World Champion (Karlijn Swinkels) and three National Champions (Eri Yonamine/Japan, Jelena Eric/Serbia, Na Ah-Reum/South Korea, winner of the Asian Games 2018) will race in the Ardennes week, including the Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

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