23 September 2019



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The expert Spanish rider is one of the new cyclists of the new Alé BTC Ljubljana for the season 2020. Born in the Balearic Islands on 2nd January 1984, Margarita Victoria “Mavi” Garcìa Cañellas is a strong climber and a World Level duathlete, who has been able to win a gold, a silver and a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2016 and 2017, then a Silver even in the Duathlon European Championships in 2017. She joins Women’s Cycling in 2015 with the Team Bizkaia - Durango before moving to Movistar Team at the beginning of 2018, with who won the ITT Spanish National Championships and the bronze in the road race in the same season.

Here below the first quotes by Mavi Garcia:

How would you live your next year with Alé BTC Ljubljana? It is a new challenge, what are your hopes?
Actually this change excites me a lot, I can’t wait, I like the new challenges.

What are your future projects and what goals do you want to reach?
I wish to find a nice group with support and motivation to race. With these basic things with can reach important goals. I will fight for a victory!

Women’s Cycling is really increasing recently. How has it evolved in the last years?
I have lived its evolution personally and the things changed very fast. There is still a lot to do but we are on the right way.

In which moment of your career do you think to be now?
Even if I am already 35 years old I feel to be in a nice moment. I’ve started racing late but I have a lot of enthusiasm because I can still improve myself in many aspects, and I want to know where I can arrive.

Do you dream to win an important race?
I would like that but I know that it is an important challenge. But I won’t stop until I will be on a bike.

What are the most important values for you in cycling?
Sports teached me since I was a little girl to be what I am and I will never change that. I’ve learnt to suffer on bikes, not to do things just for myself and to fight for what it looks impossible to reach.

How did you come into Cycling?
Accidentally! I’ve tried to race duathlon with my brother and I recognized I performed well on the two wheels.

The Team Manager Fortunato Lacquaniti says: “Mavi is a strong athlete, a great climber and in the Individual Time Trials. We needed an element in our roster like her and she will be very important, especially in Stage races like the Giro Rosa Iccrea. Bienvenida Mavi!”

  • 23 September 2019