27 October 2015



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Two important riders, Emilia Fahlin and Ane Santesteban, are the first two new entry of Alé Cipollini Galassia for 2016 season, Team led by Alessia Piccolo and directed by Lacquaniti and Luperini.

After the important confirmations for the season 2016, the Team led by Alessia Piccolo announces the hiring of Emilia Fahlin and Ane Santestaban, who already wore Alé Cipollini Galassia jersey, in 2014.

Emilia Fahlin, 27, Swedish, she is a all-rounder rider: and strong in ITT, expresses her choice: “I’m very excited to be a part of the Alé Cipollini Galassia team for next year. I’ve seen the team grow the last couple of years, and to me it’s an interesting team, who’s always seen creating the races with an aggressive race style and also racing very well together as a unit. Also the fact that most riders are given the possibility to try their limits and the chance to try and race for a result makes me sure it will good environment for me. I had good contact with the management who’s very positive and believes i can fit in to the team and that I still have a lot of potential to get out of me. Also it’s an important year with the Olympics coming up, and it’s a major goal for me to try and qualify to, which they also been very understanding about. All in all, I’m very motivated for a this new adventure, and get to know everyone involved and share some good success and fun moments next year”.

Ane Santesteban, 24, Spanish, and national champion in the past, have already wore Alé Cipollini Galassia jersey in 2014 and she goes to reinforce the #yellowfluorange climbers department.

Fortunato Lacquaniti, Sports Director welcomes the two ladies: “We are happy to welcome them into #yellowfluorange Team. Emilia is a talent, she has already proved her worth and she is a skilled girl: she wins and make themselves available the team in order to win. She has often been sacrificed, so she desires to win ageain. Ane, however, has grown a lot in recent seasons, she is young and ready to make the leap. This year she has shown, even in stage races, to be protagonist.”

Here is the comment, instead, of Fabiana Luperini, who next season will be the flagship again: “Emilia is very strong and she has a loto of experience, who has always played in great teams. She knows to win and to win: I think she represents an excellent wagon in #yellowfluorange train. Ane, however, is an important athlete of Spain and she will be at the start of the Olympic Games in Rio. She is a girl that could compete with the best climbers, I am confident”.

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