31 October 2015



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New mum Marta Bastianelli will be back in the Alè Cipollini Galassia Team. In 2016 the great Italian rider will wear the #yellowfluorange shirt again. Together with her, the young rider Martina Alzini and Anna Trevisi. The Alé Cipollini Galassia Team is glad to announce the arrival of the 2007 World Champion, Marta Bastianelli, who is lately following two passions: her daughter Clarissa Victoria and cycling.

The 28-year-old Italian rider is definitely a complete athlete, giving her best in the sprints. She can be proud of many victories in her carreer: she won the World Championship in Stuttgart in 2007, two European Road Championships (second place in Sofia in 2007 and third place in Moscow in 2005). In 2015 she wore the blue Italian shirt during the Road World Championship in Richmond. Marta had already been part of Alessia Piccolo’s Team in 2013. “We are really happy to have Marta back and we are sure that she will easily manage to harmonize with the team and her teammates”, comments Piccolo.

“I’m really happy to be back in the Alé Cipollini Galassia Team and to work with people I already know, that are great riders and believe in me”, says Marta Bastianelli. Together with Marta, Martina Alzini and Anna Trevisi will be the new riders for the #yellowfluorange Team. Martina Alzini, born in 1997, is a complete athlete. Her goal now is to get her high school diploma. After that she will focus on her athletic development.

Anna Trevisi won the Road European Championship in 2010 and is now ready for more prestigious goals.

Fortunato Lacquaniti, the team manager, comments: “I worked with Marta two years ago and I really wanted her to come back in the team. She has class, experience and will help the young riders a lot. She is a leader but is also able to work for the team’s goals. She is the kind of rider we really needed in the team. We will get a lot of satisfactions together. Anna is growing year after year, she has a strong team spirit. Martina is a good sprinter, but is also strong in the ITT a young promise with a strong character. She will need to work a lot but I’m sure she will manage to give her best from the beginning.”

This is Fabiana Luperini’s comment: “We really want Marta back in the team because she is a very strong rider and can do even better next year. She is fast and can be a team leader. Martina, the youngest rider in the team, has to learn a lot and spend her time between her studies and cycling. She is physically strong and determined. Anna won the Under 23 European Championship, ahead of an outstanding rider such as Prevot. She is still very young but she can work for the team, is fast and she likes attacking”.

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